I am a Palestinian/Jordanian female who grew-up in the middle-east, including Jordan where I finished my first university degree, the United Arab Emirates is my home for now, as I work here.

I have a day-job and I love to travel.  For me, vacation is about leaving it all behind, and embracing the world!  In my vacation I do lots of activities like: hiking, trekking mountains, skiing, sea kayaking, white water rafting, and wall climbing.

My dad being a retired geography teacher, we had a library full of geography books at home where my favorite past time was to read adventure and world explorers books, and scanning the Atlas to learn about countries, people and culture. Hence my love for travel and adventure.

Wafaa Journeys is my attempt to record it all. It’s a way to keep my friends and family posted about my travels. It’s my way of giving me something to look back and remember when I’m too old to travel anymore.

I started this blog to share my travels with you, hoping to inspire you to go outside your comfort zone, and experience the world in a different ways. I capture my stories through the lens of my camera and the experiences that I write in this blog.

I plan all of my trips and itineraries; I start by picking-up a place either from the Atlas, or from my readings or have seen on TV.  Then I research on-line for the best itinerary of my choice, book the trip, tickets, get my visa and off I go!

This blog is organized in ‘Journals’ that documents my travel experiences, and a ‘Gallery’ of best photos I took.  You can start by browsing the ‘Journals’ then chose to read about a specific journey, find the ‘itinerary and map’ and learn how I planned for the trip in the ‘travel tips’.

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