Dogsledding Safari – Day 5

Day 5

We woke up in the morning, and again another snowstorm! Another day to spend in the cabin. It was a strong blizzard this time,  we could not even see the dogs as they were covered in snow. Huskies like the cold so it is ok for them …

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Dogsledding Safari – Days 2 to 4

Day 2

After a quick breakfast and coffee we prepared the sledge and off we went 25 kilometres, crossing the valley and the frozen fjord to reach the cabin in Torellbukta. When we started crossing the fjord, I could feel the differe…

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Dogsledding Safari – Day 1

When I signed for this adventure little did I know that I will overcome my fear of dogs, mainly because of their canine sharp teeth!  In this trip I drove my own dog-sledge for five days starting from the Wilderness Centre, at the o…

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